Prosecutors accuse a resident of Telenesti District, 48, of having killed his 15-year-old son and resorted to physical violence against his ex-wife, informs.

According to the source, the event occurred in June this year. Being drunk, the man inflicted several blows on his minor son, injuring him in the region of the head with a wooden rolling-pin, which caused the boy’s death.

On the same day, after committing the murder, the accused resorted to physical violence against his ex-wife, the boy’s mother, causing a concussion, bruises and a swelling on her head. At that time, the woman did not know that her son had been killed.

According to the source, the psychiatric expertise found that the accused acted with discernment, being responsible for the acts committed.

The criminal case against the perpetrator was sent to court for examination. If found guilty, the defendant risks imprisonment both for knowingly committing murder of a minor and for domestic violence.

 The defendant will be in custody until the pronouncement of sentence. 

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