The 28-year-old resident of Timisoara, Dragoş Furtună, shot four people yesterday evening in the village Palilula. The young man shot in the street in the direction of two men, John and Fabian Trandafir, who are father and son and they died instantly. The other two men are in the hospital one was shot in the forearm and the other in the cheek. Following the incident, the young man committed suicide.

According to the reports, the young man was in Palilula, visiting a woman who he had a relationship with.

The witnesses say the young man was usually quiet. On Friday, he started a fight with two neighbors and the conflict escalated. The aunt of the two dead men stated for adevă “He fired several gunshots without mercy. He shot four people, and two of them died. I can not believe that my uncle and nephew died. They just asked him to move his car from the gate so that he could pass by with his tractor, and there was only one step from that moment to what happen nest.”

The mayor of Bucovăţ, which includes Palilula village, Marius Cristian Tuță, said that the investigators found in the basement of the house where the man lived with his concubine, a handmade weapons workshop.

The Bucovăţ mayor, Marius Cristian Tuţă stated for „He behaved like a serial killer. He had a minor altercation with the two men who he killed and went on the road and shot more people. He did not really interract with the neighbors and we never had any idea if he lived here or was just visiting. He was in Germany with his concubine, and a month ago the girl's grandmother came to the town hall to perfetct the documents of ownership of her house, on their name. We also know that the young lady was suffering from depression. From what I’ve learned, a handmade weapon workshop was found in the basement of the house. We are all shocked. The man who died in the hospital was my friend.”

According to some sources, the perpetrator met his girlfriend at the Faculty of Medicine. They both left to go work in Germany, but after some investigations, the doctors have established that they both need psychiatric treatment. 

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