A panel of judges from Tiraspol sentenced yesterday, November 16, Scerban Andrei, aged 30, to 12 years of imprisonment with confiscation of his property. The court found him guilty of committing acts of life threatening violence and of purchasing and keeping drugs.

The investigation established that on 8 March 2016, Scerban Andrei robbed a woman in Uliana Gromova St in Tiraspol. Having cruelly beaten her, the man took her keys, purse and cell phone.

Recovering, she hardly got home and alerted the militia. Later, she was hospitalized with multiple injuries, fractured jaw and concussion.

A few hours later, militia officers identified Scerban through the stolen cell phone. When arrested, Serban resisted and assaulted with a knife one of militia officers. Later, he was taken to the police station, where officers found the stolen things and drugs on him.

Scerban had previously been convicted twice. First time for serious injury, the second time for murder.

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