A panel of judges from Slobozia, from the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic, sentenced the 20-year-old Zaharia Onişcenko on Tuesday, December 6th, to four years and six months in prison for at least five robberies.

The investigation established that in November - December of 2015, Onişcenko has committed several thefts from the holiday homes situated near the village Nezavertailovka, Slobozia district. According to investigators, the young man illegally penetrated the holiday stations "Limanskoie" and "Ălektromaş" from where he stole precious things.

Prosecutors managed to prove at least five cases of theft, but do not exclude that Onişcenko may have committed more than that. During the search there were seized two bicycles, a television, multiple antennas, a decoder and a gas pistol.

Onişcenko  has previously been tried for theft but was paroled. When pronouncing the sentence, the judge took into consideration the time he did not serve in the first conviction. Thus, by merging the penalties Onişcenko  was sentenced to 4 years and six months in prison. 

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