The criminal group composed of Moldovan citizens, is suspected of committing more than 70 crimes on the territory of Moscow and Europe. As stated by the employees of the Russian Ministry of Interior, the suspects broke into 9 houses from the Russian capital.

According to the information, the criminals residing in Moldova and on the territory of the  European Union, arrived to Russia using fake passports. The suspects were using the internet to choose the target, and were installing video surveillance cameras to monitor the house, but also to study the lifestyle of the owners, security, access and evacuation from the building.

The criminals ended up with criminal cases after the robbery they committed in October in the Leninsk region of the Moscow city.

During the investigation, 10 suspects were detained, originating from our country. The police carried out searches at their homes and took several stolen items, weapons, two vehicles used to commit the crimes, communication equipment, a portable video camera, fake documents, handcuffs and masks.

According to the information, the villains were involved in over 70 murders in the Russian capital region and across Europe.

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