36 officers of the Customs Service got admonish and one was reduced in position for non-fine of those whose vignette expired (vignette is a tax for the use of Moldovan roads by vehicles that aren’t registered in Moldova).

The new director of the Customs Service expressed his indignation of the behavior of the officers: “The officers of Customs Service besides rights have instructions and obligations and have to accomplish them obeying the laws of Republic of Moldova. Those who don’t fulfill the instructions  have to decide whenever they will work correctly and professionally or leave the customs system”- affirmed Vitalie Vrabie.

Moreover, it was set that 36 officers from the Customs Services in Cahul, Leushani, Bender, Baltsi and Bricheni violated the instructions. 18 of them got observations, 11– admonish, 3– severe admonish and one of them was reduced in position for 6 months.

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