Headmistress of the Vocational School no. 2 of Chisinau, Valentina Dobanda, suspected of trafficking in children, has been placed under house arrest for 30 days. The decision was taken on Wednesday, February 14, by the magistrates of the Center District Court of Chisinau.  

Asked by CrimeMoldova, the suspect's lawyer, Victor Constantinov, specified that the decision to issue a home arrest warrant was motivated by the status of the headmistress, who complained of health problems.

"I asked that the head of the educational institution be investigated without being arrested, or that the term of the arrest warrant be reduced. However, the judges fully upheld the request of the prosecutors. We are to decide whether to appeal the court's decision or not," Constantinov said.

The headmistress of the Vocational School no. 2 is suspected of trafficking in children. According to the prosecutors, she sent students, who study at the institution, to work abroad, pretending it is a production internship.

Moreover, the suspect’s lawyer said the accusation has been made on the basis of statements made by children. "We don’t know in what context these testimonies were made and whether they were made voluntarily or not. My client rejects the accusations and pleads not guilty," the lawyer said.

Last December, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research initiated an internal inquiry with respect to Valentina Dobanda. The Ministry launched the investigation as a result of several complaints filed by teachers and students of the educational institution.

A year ago, the headmistress appeared in another investigation launched by the Ministry of Education. She received a harsh reprimand, and then was dismissed. The woman challenged the decision of the ministry to the court, which annulled the act of dismissal, and the suspect returned to office.

We remind you that the prosecutors and officers of the Center for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings raided on the morning of Wednesday, February 14th, the premises of the Vocational School no.2 in Chisinau. The searches resulted in detention of the institution's management team.

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