Law enforcement agencies have detained members of a criminal group, which tried to sell heroin.

They turned to be criminals «Dohliy», «Petruha» and «Sedoy» between 39 and 49 years, condemned for theft, robbery and murder.

The Chisinau Police Department reported that all the activities of the criminal group were organized and controlled from prison in Tarakliya city, where «Dohliy» is imprisoned for two murders.

The other two criminals transported heroin from Turkey and sold it in Chisinau.

Law enforcement agencies monitored the suspects for about three months and then detained them at moment of receiving a parcel from Turkey. There were about 200 grams of heroin, which was to be sold at a price of 100 euro per 1 gram.

After the detention the police conducted searches in the camera of «Dohliy» where police found out cell phones and the balance sheets of the criminal activity. The police also seized a package with a white substance of unknown origin, 18 thousands lei, 120 euro, 60 dollars, electronic scales and handwritten accounting reports in the houses of the detainees. All these prove the guilt of suspects.

In addition to three men the police identified two women of 27 and 35 years that sold drugs.

At the moment the accused are in pre-trial detention at the Police Department. They face from 7 to 15 years in prison.

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