In connection with the investigation of a criminal case initiated under reasonable suspicion about certain citizens committing aggravated hooliganism, the Intelligence and Security Service and Chisinau municipality Prosecutor’s Office conducted a range of searches at three addresses where the foreigners lived. 

During the raids, the police identified two place of drugs’ packaging and distribution, designed only for foreigners. In addition, the police withdrew several fire guns, drugs and utensils for their preparation and separation. 

The Security and Intelligence officers have also stated the radical views of the respective persons, who have been influenced by some compatriots with extremist ideologies and by systematic online access of propaganda in favor of terrorist entities. 

Following the above stated, SIS has submitted requests to the MIA Department of Migration with a request to declare certain foreigners undesirable for reasons of national security. 

In addition, SIS in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior conducted several unannounced checks regarding certain targeted foreigners, residents of the capital, being identified and detained a foreign citizen, originally from an area of a high terrorist risk, which was staying illegally in the Republic of Moldova. 

He was taken out of the country.

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