Two persons will be tried for illegal entrepreneurial activity, tax evasion and large-scale money laundering through gambling.

Prosecutors have finished their criminal prosecution and sent the criminal case to the court.

A legal entity and its administrator will appear in the dock.

According to the prosecutors, the two, pretending to provide electronic communications services through a call-center, arranged, in the Botanica sector of Chisinau, a gambling hall, equipped with special tables, roulettes, books and cards. Thus, in the period of 2014-2017, they illegally practiced gambling through electronic communications systems.

Law enforcement officials found that the salaries of this company’s employees were undocumented. Moreover, the illicit income obtained by the company was used by the company's manager for personal interests. Thus, the illegal actions of these persons damaged the national public budget by 4, 4 million lei.

Similarly, a former employee of the legal entity is sued for complicity in committing the crime of tax evasion. The suspect admitted his guilt.

If found guilty, the company's corporate administrator is liable to imprisonment for up to 16 years, and the legal entity may be subject to liquidation. 

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