A Mercedes bus with illegal party of drugs and car alarm systems for sale was stopped by a mobile team of the Customs Service. The driver hasn’t any documents on the drugs and alarm systems which value is over 100 thousand lei.

On receiving information from some informant’s sources, the Mobile Teams Service of the Customs Service stopped a shuttle bus on the way from the Moscow to Chisinau with Moldovan registration. The bus’s driver is 34 years old Moldovan citizen.

During the search in the bus there were found over 2500 containers of drugs and more than 50 sets of alarm, hidden in the floor of the bus. Goods and bus have been detained; the case will be investigated.

For the transportation of such categories of goods as drugs, there should be a special license issued by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency. Moreover, the import of drugs is licensed activity and it can be implemented only by legal persons.
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