Two Moldovan and Ukrainian citizens are prosecuted for attempting to smuggle 60 kg of amber, whose value is estimated on the external market to over 50.000 dollars.

Withholding took place yesterday in the afternoon, when leaving the country through the border post of Chisinau International Airport when scanning the passenger's hold baggage of flight Chisinau-Vienna, which revealed the presence of suspicious objects in three suitcases.

As a result of physical checks, border officials found 62.6 kilograms. stones of different shapes and sizes similar to amber. They were in two suitcases of a Ukrainian and Moldovan citizens, aged between 31 and 57 years.

The individuals were detained for a period of 72 hours, and a case was initiated for a criminal record for smuggling, which provides a punishment by imprisonment from 3 to 10 years.

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