A Special Forces crew of the Police Directorate of Chisinau  arrested an individual in the act, while he intended to steal a radio set from a car parked in the courtyard of a block of flats in Ion Neculce Street, Buiucani area.

The man, 22, is a resident of the capital.

According to the press release issued by the Police Directorate of Chisinau, retention occurred after intensive patrols in the residential blocks yards by police, who immediately intervened and handcuffed the man, requiring a task force within the Police Inspectorate of Buiucani, in order to document all circumstances.

According to preliminary information, the man damaged a car windscreen in order to steal the radio and the mirrors.

The man was escorted to the inspectorate  to be heard as a suspect, being investigated in a case initiated for theft.

He faces a sentence with a fine of up to MDL 6000, unpaid community service for 120 to 240 hours or imprisonment for up to two years. At the same time, investigations officers will verify his complicity in other similar cases committed in the capital.

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