The suspect in the murder attempt of the Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov in 2012 in London, were detained. Only now, Renato Usatii may become the main suspect in this case, even though the victim and the media mentioned several times about him being involved in this crime. No legal action was taken in this case for several years now.

It all started at the end of last week when Valeriu Malarciuc and Serghei Ceban were arrested. They tried to pass on to the killer Vitalie Proca 100 thousand euros for false testimony. Proca is detained in a prison from Romania for murder attempt. The prosecution said that this sum of money was just an advance payment from the 600 thousand euros total. Malarciuc was supposed to hand a dictaphone  over, intended for Proca’s testimony.

The followed the arrest of Proca’s ex-wife, his brother and one of his closest friends. This situation was broadly advertised by media. Proca’s ex-mother in law said that his relationship with her daughter ended long ago and that they no longer have anything in common, even though the prosecutors said that Proca used to call his ex-wife pretty often.

The cooperators of the General Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday that the person who gave the money to Malarciuc for the killer, is a businessman from Moscow aged between 30 and 40. Later that day, on a Facebook livechat, the Balti Mayor Renato Usatii confirmed that he indeed transmitted the money, however he did that in collaboration with the authorities of other countries. Usatii did not provide further details suggesting the secrecy of investigation.

According to the data presented by “Prestupnaya Rossya”, Renato Usatîi represents the interests of the criminal group "Solntsevo" in Moldova, and is popular namely for the fact that he often invokes his connection to the intelligence services, often in attempt to “clean” his reputation. He said that this time, all the recent arrests linked to the murder attempt of the Russian banker Gobuntov are just a way to “delete” all the evidence from a criminal case on Plahotniuc’s name, opened in a EU country.  He also said that “everything I did, I did in cooperation with the authorities from different countries.” The Mayor of Balti also specified that he is a witness in this criminal case and threatened the prosecutors saying that they will pay for these arrests.

Renato Usatii mentioned the banker Gherman Gorbuntov in his live chat and brought several accusation in his address.

We directly contacted Gorbunţov Gherman, who exclusively for CrimeMoldova commented some statements made by Usatîi.

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