Officers of Ciocana Police Inspectorate under the Police Department of Chisinau Municipality identified and documented several people, involved in drug trafficking, illegal storage of firearms, and property crimes.

Thus, police officers targeted five men, aged between 35 and 48, born in Chisinau and Criuleni, who were involved in drug trafficking. 

Following the searches, conducted at their homes, police officers discovered and seized drugs of synthetic and vegetable origin and self-made devices for drug use. A forensic expertise was initiated in this regard, and criminal cases were opened against each of the suspects for illegal circulation of drugs.

Two other men, residents of Bubuieci, are being investigated by police for having illegally kept firearms. Following the searches, conducted at their homes, police officers identified and seized a smoothbore hunting weapon of 16 mm caliber and a revolver that were illegally kept. The weapons were seized in both cases and are subject to ballistic expertise in laboratory environment. Both men risk sanctions in the form of fines of 3000 lei.

A resident of Chisinau is under criminal investigation for  having allegedly stolen a notebook from a lawyer’s office in Ciocana District. Following the authorized searches at his place, the laptop was found and seized as evidence in misdemeanor case. According to the criminal legislation in force, the suspect can be punished by a fine from 6000 lei to 20 000 lei, unpaid community work from 180 to 240 hours, or imprisonment of up to 4 years.

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