A student from Technical High School no. 1 of Alexandria was stabbed by a colleague's father. The incident occurred in the courtyard of the institution following a conflict between two teenagers, one being 14 and another of 18 years old.

The scandal would have been initiated by the ninth grade student who started a conflict with a few colleagues younger than him. One of them called his father, who is a recidivist from Babiţa village. The man would come along with a friend and hit the 18-year-old boy with the knife.

A representative of ISU told realitatea.net that both students were injured and transported to the hospital.

"The 18-year-old has a stab wound in the shoulder area, a head trauma, and one in the chest area. The other one has a hand cut," the ISU representative said.

The wounded boy is out of danger.

Following the incident, the two aggressors fled from high school yard, but were caught by the gendarmes.

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