The hearing on the case of Alexei Veretco murder with the involvement of the deputy from the Democratic Party Constantin Tutu was was postponed again in the Orhei District Court. Tutu is accused of hooliganism. This time the judges explained the postponement of hearings that one of the defendants is intoxicated, even if there wasn’t presented any certificate that would prove this fact. Tutu left the court’s building being booed by the mother of killed 4 years ago young man.

On the other hand, Veretco’s family lawyer, Roman Zadoinov claims that the sentence could be announced without the sick defendant, because everyone was interrogated and all the evidences were checked. Zadoinov already mentioned that there were already "more than 50 hearings on this case".

In April 2012, in Orhei was a gun-fight. As a result, one person has died and another was hospitalized in serious condition after being beaten. The killed person was identified as Alexei Veretco  – a suspected former leader of a criminal group. There was open a criminal case for intentional homicide and the kickboxing fighter Constantin Tutu became one of the main suspects.

Then Tutu, who was with a group of more than 12 people, fled from the crime scene with his friends: Ion Corco­del, Vasile Cojo­caru, Oleg Pru­teanu, Radu Andri­tco, Dumi­tru Colo­mei­ciuc and Ale­xan­dru Onisciuc. For each one there were signed the arrest warrants.

Țuțu sentința в (the mother of killed Alexei Veretco)

In May 2012, the judges of the Centre District Court of Chisinau have changed the measure of arrest: the deputy from the Democratic Party Constantin Tutu was sent initially under house imprisonment, but after the new decision he was freed, under the judicial control. Initially, the prosecutors have accused all those involved in murder. According to the Ziarul de Garda, soon Denis Rotaru, the prosecutor of the Exceptional Cases Department of the General Prosecutor's Office decided that Constantin Tutu should be accused only of hooliganism. That was after Ion Corcodel admitted his guilt. The case is examined at the Orhei District Court and the first hearing was three years ago, in March 2013. After several delays related with the fact that Tutu became the deputy, the case is now at the finish line.

The prosecutor Denis Rotaru asked judges to sentence Constantin Tutu to 3 years of imprisonment with suspension. Ion Corcodel, who has admitted his guilt, can be imprisoned for 7 years.

Being a deputy, Tutu can be sent in prison only after the deprivation of the parliamentary immunity (see the article of Crime Moldova "The K-1 style policy").

The sentence was to be pronounced in late March, and then the judges announced that they didn’t manage to study all the materials on this case.

This time the hearing was postponed to May 13, 2016.

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