The bomb alert at Mimi Castle in the village of Bulboaca, Anenii Noi district, turned out to be false. The announcement was made by the winery administration on a social media network.

The management of the complex wrote that Mimi was the target of a false bomb alert. "Specialty bodies are going to make more clarifications in this case. We regret such unpleasant incidents and we hope we will not have such cases in the future," the source said.

The Press Officer of Anenii Noi Police, Silvia Vetcu, mentioned for CrimeMoldova that the person who made the call has not been identified so far and several safety measures are being taken. "At present, all people who enter and leave the complex are thoroughly checked. At the same time, the territory adjacent to the winery is also verified," Vetcu said.

Recall that a man called the police on Tuesday, October 10, and announced that he would throw an explosive on the territory of the winery because he is angry at the head of the institution, but he did not specify the reason. At the same time, the police specified that the contact number of the person who made the call was established.

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