The police shut up a business specialized in forgery of documents. The founder and the manager of one of the companies in Beltsi, 38 and 40 years old men are suspected on the production, storage and sale of false professional skills certificates.

The officers of the north General Police Inspectorate set that the businessmen acted for 3 years and made fake licenses for drivers. The documents were performed on the old model blanks with forged data.

The drivers paid 360 lei for the service and the money wasn’t highlighted in the accounting documents of the enterprise. Moreover, the forged documents were performed in 10 minutes without any drivers’ ed, medical certificates and the permit of the National Service for the Transport.

In the office of the enterprise the police found 500 false certificates, 6000 lei of an unknown origin, the equipment for the production of forged documents, about a thousand cases for persons that bought the certificates and run passengers’ vehicles.

The suspects are now detained. They risk to be imprisoned for 5 years and pay a fine of 12 000 lei.

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