The list of victims held in slavery increases. More than 60 people including children were chained and forced to work, being terrorized, beaten and fed with leftovers.

The victims testify that they have been lied that their work will be rewarded; they have been beaten, raped and humiliated.

During a range of searches conducted by the police on June 13 in Berevoesti commune, Arges County, there have been found 228,000 lei (US $ 56,400), almost half kg of gold, nine chainsaws and three vans that would have been used in criminal activity. The police rescued five people from chains that were victims of the criminal network.



At the same time the investigators have the testimonies of 64 victims. Of the 90 suspects, 40 are already detained. If found guilty the respective persons could spend the next 20 years behind bars.



As locals says they have not seen or heard anything and the mayor said he would have heard some rumours last year but would have anounced the police.

According to the spokesman of DIOCT, Mihaela Porime, 40 children and youth were subject to harsh treatment for eight years. "Most times, they were not given any food, and if received, they were offered food scraps; the victims were kept in chains and straps, so they cannot run. They were also doused with hot and cold water alternately and were forced to fight for the amusement of suspects”.

At the same time on Wednesday and Thursday 21 children arrived urgently to different placement centres. Two of the children are victims in the case of human trafficking in Berevoesti and the other 19 are the children of those detained by investigators, says Mediafax.

In a report "Global Slavery", undertaken by "Walk Free Foundation", it is estimated that there around 80.000 victims of modern slavery in Romania.

The authors of the report estimate that in 2016 about 45.8 million people live and work in slavery globally, around 1.24 million are in Europe. Romania is in the top 5, with about 80 200 "slaves", i.e. 0.4% of the population.

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