The acquittal verdict for the deputy from the Democratic Party Constantin Tutu from the May 13 was appealed by the Veretco’s family lawyer Roman Zadoinov. The lawyer noted that he “asked to issue a new conviction of all the defendants with the life sentence as the punishment".

The Ziarul National writes that neither Ion Corcodel, who admitted that he was the murderer, is not in custody. He was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The Veretco’s family lawyer says that he was only banned from leaving the country until the verdict entry into the force.

The judges’ integrity was compromised

According to the Ziarul de Garda, the judges Sergiu Procopciuc, Vasile Negruta and Viorica Severin , who issued the verdict on this murder case, were involved in several scandals.

sergiu_procopciuc jurnaltv.jpgSergiu Procopciuc is the judge of the Orhei District Court since 2001. In March 2015 Sergiu Procopciuc was disciplinary punished for the service violations and the prejudicial comportment for the interests of the service and the prestige of the judiciary. It happened because of the lack of impartiality, violations of the wealth declarations, ambiguous interpretation or application of the law.

The lawyer's office was set on fire in October 2014. Then Procopciuc said somebody tried to destroy the evidences of this criminal case. The Orhei Police Inspectorate representatives told the journalists that there hadn’t yet been identified the arsonists.

According to the Procopciuc’s wealth declaration, he earned 22 545 lei from salary in 2015. The judge owns the apartment (​​57 sq.m) worth 57 000 lei bought in 2002, a Honda car worth 80 000 lei bought in 2015. His financial assets are about 60 000 lei.

Снимок экрана 2016-05-24 в 10.55.44.pngVasile Negruta is the judge since July 17, 2014.

In 2015 he was suspected of forgery of public documents and of issuing illegal verdict.

According to the Attorney General, Negruta dismissed the company’s complaint on criminal case against it. Over three months, he issued the decision that obliged the prosecutor to close the criminal case.

"This meeting was recorded. We believe that the documents were forged because officially there was another decision", claimed the ex-Attorney General Corneliu Gurin.

On the other hand, the judge claims that he acted legally: "I have my arguments. I'm sure I acted lawfully. I issued the lawful decision and I have evidences. I'll show them, but not now",  said Vasile Negruta.

The case was sent to trial at the end of 2015, if his guilt is proven, he can be imprisoned up to 10 years.

According to the 2015 wealth declaration, the judge earned 167 728 lei from salary. He also owns ½ of the house (​​53.2 sq.m) worth 93 938 lei, bought in 1994.

severin csm.jpgViorica Severin is a judge since 2015. She previously worked as the judge at the Orhei Prosecutor's Office.

According to the SCM, Viorica Severin has started to work in the Prosecutor's Office in 2002. In November 2007 she was appointed the judge at the Singerei District Court for the term of five years, but in August 2008 she returned to Prosecutor’s Office in Orhei.

In October 2014 she passed the graduation exams at the National Institute of Justice with the 7.20 score, and in March she was appointed the judge.

According to the 2015 wealth declaration, Viorica Severin earned 77 089 lei. Severin is the owner of the plot of land for constructing (​0.0511 ha), a house (​​117.3 sq.m) and the ancillary building (​​25.8 sq.m) with total worth 148 550 lei, inherited in 1985.

The ECHR criticized the verdict

After dozens of hearings and delays, the Orhei District Court issued the verdict over the murder case on  May 13, 2016. The deputy Constantin Tutu was acquitted because "the defendant's act didn’t contain elements of crime".

We remind that on March 20, the ECHR asked the Government to submit the entire criminal file of the Alexei Veretco murder for the examination, to give the explanations regarding the removal of the criminal prosecution of three defendants, including the deputy Constantin TuTu, the explanations why there was violated the art. 2 of the ECHR (the need to conduct an effective investigation of all circumstances of the case), etc.

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