During 2015 on the territory of the Moldova Republic were registered 39782 crimes, which is 4.8% less than in 2014.

Starea criminală.png

A significant role in the reduction of crime was played by a decrease in the number of misdemeanor cases and decrease in the number of minor crimes. 

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Nevertheless, in 2015 it was more extremely serious offenses and more "very serious" crimes.

Creșterea crimei.pngThe lowest level of crimes was observed in areas such Criuleni, Drochia, Căușeni, Cahul, Briceni, Telenesti, Ocnița, Călărași, Rezina, Soldănești, Basarabeasca and Stefan Vodă.

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The prosecutor’s study shows that the dynamics of crime is determined by the low standard of living, the vulnerability of certain categories of citizens, the lack of permanent income to meet the personal and family needs, low wages, high unemployment, low level of legal culture, the mass migration of people within and outside the country, leaving the children unattended and others.

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