The Moldovan islamist who was arrested by the Intelligence and Security Services, was in the process of self-radicalization and may have  switched to terrorist activities.

Iulian Caraman,the head of the Antiterrorism Department of the Intelligence and Security Services, confirmed this information in a press conference. He specified that the 29-years-old person had connections abroad and tried to recruit young people.

The prosecutor Denis Rotaru, said that the prosecution and the Intelligence detained a total of 3 people with ages between 18 and 46, who were dealing with public justification of terrorist actions. One of these people is from Syria, the other is from Iraq and the third one is a Moldovan citizen.

Rotaru said “They created a public platform on Facebook which they entitled “Proponents of the Islamic State”  urging people to finance terrorism. If found guilty, they are facing 5 years in prison.”

Both Rotaru and Caraman refused to give any more details on that matter, suggesting the secrecy of investigation. 

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