The general manager of the Romanian company ARCA Space Corporation, based in Las Cruces, Dumitru Popescu, has been charged and arrested for fraud, embezzlement and forgery of documents.

Popescu was detained last week in the United States, and was later handed over to the authorities of New Mexico.

According to, the head of ARCA is targeted on five counts of allegations of embezzlement, 13 counts of fraud and one end of prosecution of forgery.

According to a complaint lodged with the District Court of Dona Ana, Popescu lied Anova Technologies, based in Chicago, to get about $ 20,000.

According to sources, ARCA is currently developing a single-stage missile that can reach orbit without detachable parts. The company is also working on a missile it plans to launch from Spaceport America.

ARCA Space Corporation is an aerospace company located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which builds spacecraft and aircraft with or without a pilot to explore space. The company was founded in 1999 by the Romanian Association for Cosmonautics and Aeronautics, an NGO in Romania and by Dumitru Popescu. Since then, ARCA has launched two stratospheric missiles, four stratospheric balloons, and has won two government contracts, one with the Government of Romania and another with the European Space Agency.

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