Four members of an organized criminal group, accused last year of committing a robbery attack at a  Swiss watch shop from the capital city, will appear on the defendant’s bench.

The Chişinău Prosecution Office announced the completion of the criminal investigation and send the case to court.

It happened in the evening of December 18th, 2015, when four masked individuals entered with guns in a store of luxury watches from Columna Street, where they attacked store employees, broke windows and stole 39 watches of models " OMEGA "and" BREITLING ", the estimated value of which is over 5 million lei.      

After the theft was committed , the owner luxury watches store announced about offering a half a million lei reward, to those who have any information about the four individuals who broke into the shop.

According to the prosecutors, the watches were transported to Ukraine, and they were supposed to be sold there. With regard to this case, a BMW car was stopped on May 7th, at the custom point Tudora, with two citizens favoring the actions of the criminals. The police discovered and confiscated 6 watches, 4 of which were stolen during the robbery attack.

This was enough to initiate and perform 12 searches at the residences of people related to the suspect. After the research police found and confiscated illegal weapons and ammunition, as well as fake documents, jewelry, money and other objects. As a result, 4 four residents of the capital were detained, with ages between 21 and 42 years old, who then, at the prosecutors’ requests were placed under arrest.

Currently, 4 people are held in custody and 4 others have international arrest warrants, one of which was already detained in the European Union and is now in the process of being extradited to Moldova.

If found guilty of this crime, the defendants are facing up to 15 years in prison.

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