Law enforcement officials have uncovered some preliminary information on the criminal proceedings against the fund "Mercury".  The fund seems to be a financial pyramid. 

The "Mercury" fund was established in 2012 in Ukraine and soon went to the international area. In 2015, the Ukrainian PrivatBank blocked fund accounts, whose daily turnover exceeded 1 million UAH. In June 2015 in respect of the Fund in Moldova it was initiated a criminal investigation because of illegal character of fund financial activities. Later, it was opened a criminal investigation into fraud against «Mercury».

At the moment, the investigating authorities suggest that from a financial pyramid "Mercury" was affected hundreds of citizens of Moldova and the amount of damage exceeds 3 millions lei. Investigating authorities have identified only 10 people victims of the pyramid with the total amount of damage - 606 500 lei.

Acting head of the General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Moldova Georgi Cavcaliuc claims that law enforcement authorities have seized bank vaults and assets of the suspects. The fund was organised by a criminal group consisted of 30 people aged 21 to 52 years old. Now three of the suspects are given into custody for 30 days, five more are waiting for a decision of court of justice.

It is noteworthy that the financial pyramid site still works, despite the fact that the accounts are blocked and the criminal investigation. Be careful!

Law enforcement authorities are asking people who have suffered from the activities of this criminal group, to call 022-25-51-48 or 078 774 304.

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