The new head of the General Police Inspectorate Alexandru Pinzari is still under investigation in the framework of  the case of April 7, 2009 mass disorders. The case is in the Court of Appeals of Chisinau, despite the fact that Pinzari was acquitted by the trial court. However, the statute of limitations for acts imputed to him had expired.

The head of the General Police Inspectorate claims he is not guilty and is sure that the trial court's decision will remain in force.

The investigation against Alexandru Pinzari was initiated after the abuse of power during the April 7, 2009 protests. According to the prosecutors, Pinzari, who was then the deputy head of the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Interior, made the witnesses to make the false statements. The case against Pinzari was launched on August 24, 2010.

According to the prosecutor Vladislav Bobrov, Pinzari urged Eugen Volos to give the false statements that he saw brothers Anatolie, Gheorghe and Sergiu Stepuleac throwing stones at the Parliament and the Presidential Residence during the April 7,2009, mass disorders.

According to the Ziarul de Garda, the informant said that "Pinzari instructed and told what to say. Also, he told not to worry because everything is legitimate, there are audio and video evidences, that show that the crowd was ruled by the Stepuleac brothers ".

The investigation revealed that by the Pinzari’s order the  inspector Eduard Balamatiuc interrogated Eugen Volos, Artur Burlacu and Alexandr Cazacu. On the basis of the false evidences the brothers Stepuleac were arrested and charged with organizing mass disorders. Later, due to lack of evidences, the case was closed, three witnesses acknowledged that they were not at the Great National Assembly Square от April 7.

After the accusations, brothers George and Anatoly Stepuleac went to the ECHR, and it obliged the Republic of Moldova to pay both of them 14 000 euros.

Pinzari claimed that he did not take part in their interrogation and could not influence their statements because he wasn’t at service on April 11, 2009. He also claims he was not controlling the criminal case against the Stepuleac brothers.

Pinzari escaped the punishment because of the expiration of the statute of limitation

On March 4, 2016 the judge of the Buiucani District Court Ghenadie Plamadeala had acquitted the suspect.

The verdict is reported that there were no evidences of crimes.

At the hearing of the Court of Appeals the prosecutor affirmed that "the trial court didn’t consider the evidences presented by the prosecution", and that the court took into account "only those evidences that were favorable for the protection ". The prosecutor also said that the criminal case must be stopped because of the expiration of the statute of limitation.

The brothers Stepuleac’s lawyer Ana Ursachi said that the court's decision is illegal and she repeatedly addressed to the Supreme Council of Magistracy, but received no response.

Moreover, Ursachi reports that Pinzari influenced another witness to make statements against the brothers Stepuleac: "We have eight witnesses who will testify against Pinzari about important circumstances of the case. The Court did not comment on why they can’t be considered, but on the contrary, comes to the paradoxical conclusion that the suspect should be acquitted" – said the lawyer to the

Pinzari declares himself not guilty:

    I'm not guilty and believe I will be aquitted. I didn't made this crime.

If the judges of the Court of Appeals of Chisinau will change the decision of the first instance for the "abuse of power" Pinzari can be fined up to 16 000 lei, deprived of the right to occupy certain positions from 2 to 5 years, or jailed up to 3 years.

Alexandru Pinzari was appointed the head of the General Police Inspectorate in March this year. The former deputy Alexandr Petkov claims that Pinzari works for Plahotniuc. So, the vice-president of the Democratic Party completely conquered the security structures.

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