The Department for Combating the Organized Crime of the National Inspectorate for Investigations with the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Frontier Police and Customs Service prevented a contraband of 1 kg of gold.

Three men at the age between 26 and 30 years from Chishinau, Yaloveni and Hincheshti were detained for 72 hours. Two of them were earlier condemned for the forgery of documents.

After a 6-th month investigation the prosecutors set that two members of the criminal group managed a pawnshop in Chishinau. They bought the gold jewelry cheaper than market prices and further transported them to Romania.
For not being detected with the gold the criminals transmitted it to another person working in a shop at the state border. That man got the gold and passed the border in Leusheni. Later he was found. It turned out to be a man from Leusheni village of Hincheshti district.

On March, 23 the police searched the car of the suspects and detected 1 kg of gold.

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According to the violations a criminal case over «contraband» was commenced. If the prosecutors prove the guilty of the suspects they will get 3 up to 10 years of prison.

Now the authorities are trying to detect all the circumstances of the matter.

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