The two gunmen, Gavrilov and Colesnicov, who shot deadly a young man on Christmas night and seriously injured another because they spit from the balcony, remain behind bars. The Chişinău District Court, the Botanica office, issued a 30-day arrest warrants for them.

The two detainees are suspected by prosecutors of qualified murder, serious bodily injury and illegal stowage of firearms, and if the court finds them guilty, they risk remaining behind bars for  the rest of their lives.

Ghenadie Cosovan, a former Deputy Interior Minister, said in a TV program "Publika TV" that one of the two defendants was part of an organized criminal group specializing in custom killings. According to Cosovan, the group would have at least 18 killings, of which 4 on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, the former deputy minister accused an ex-prosecutor in Chisinau of the fact that the suspects were at freedom up until now.


"Such weapons are used by custom assassins. I saw these guns, the pictures appeared in the press. These are  Makarov and Scorpio, weapons used by killers," Cosovan said.

The incident at Botanica was caused by one of the victims, who, while smoking on the balcony, spit on one of the aggressors, which was 5 floors below. Although the person who spit had apologized, and there seemed that the conflict was solved, the two aggressors took their guns and fired more shots in the direction of those who offended them.

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