Officers of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) with the anticorruption prosecutors have rounded up the head of the administrative council of SA Moldasig, a former member of the council of a commercial bank. She was accused in the case of money laundering and embezzlement on a large scale. The woman was placed in a pretrial detention facility of the National Anticorruption Center for 72 hours. Now she is regarded as a suspect in a criminal case.

According to NAC the woman is suspected that she, through intermediary of other persons, committed a series of crimes, namely the acquisition by deception shares of Commercial Bank «Moldova-Agroindbank» SA and, in addition, money laundering, dealing with the enormous damage to shareholders, which is estimated about 20 million lei.

During the investigation it was found that in order to steal a number of shares from the owners the suspect organized a scheme by which she could dispossess the owners of 17 189 shares. To implement the plan a woman forged the power of attorney under which she qualified to represent the interests of shareholders without notifying the last ones. Thus, the owner of the power of attorney acting illegally on behalf of the shareholders, and transferred block of shares to the bank account of an offshore company.

Investigators also found that, in order to hide the traces of the crime, the suspect has organized another scheme by which she stifled key documents which are related to illegal transactions with the shares of Commercial Bank «Moldova-Agroindbank» SA.

From the case materials it is clear that she has entered into an agreement with a number of police officers on the organization of the fictitious rise of questionable documents from the repository of one of the Registrars, and after, these documents were declared missing.

If she would be found guilty, the detainee risks to be sentenced to 15 years of prison. In the same case, some police officers have the status of the accused, but as long as there is an investigation they are at large.

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