The theft was made from an Italian museum, but robbers will be judged by Moldovan authorities. Because of the theft were detained two Italians and nine Moldovans. Three of nine Moldovans were arrested in the Republic of Moldova and they will be judged by the Moldovan court. The authorities have already asked the judges to extend arrest period for 30 days more. Other criminals involved in this case will be judged by Italian court.

Those three Moldovans have committed crimes before. They were convicted for the theft and blackmailing. Currently, the suspects are under investigation for smuggling. They could be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The theft was committed in November 2015 in Verona. 13 armed and masked men entered in the museum building. Among the stolen paintings were Tintoretto’s, Rubens’ and Caroto’s works of art.

The estimated cost of the stolen paintings approximatively is 15 million euros. 

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