After 50 postponed hearings, today the deputy from the Democratic Party Constantin Tutu was acquitted in the murder of Alexei Veretco near Orhei case, which was committed in spring 2012.

According to the judges from Orhei, Tutu is not guilty of "intentional average physical or health injury" or of "hooliganism". But Ion Corcodel who pleaded his guilty was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The verdict was announced today at the Orhei district Court.

According to the, Constantin Tutu said that he knew Alexei Veretco because he was at the deputy’s birthday and the deputy was at the victim’s birthday: "I haven’t seen what happened, so I can’t tell you how many people were there".

On the other hand, the victim's mother believes that there is no justice in this verdict: "They haven’t jailed Tutu. It’s all about money ... They paid and they haven’t jailed him. They had to arrest Tutu. To take him next to my Aliosha. O God take them all".

The Veretco’s family lawyer Roman Zadoinov claims that "it looks more like a criminal understanding between the bandits and authorities". He says the prosecutors claimed that he appeared on the crime scene by a chance on the way to Edinet, stopped there only to drink coffee.

However, today in media appeared the European Court of Human Rights reaction on this case. The Ziarul de Garda writes that in the late March, the Court asked the Government to present the entire criminal files for examination, to give the explanations regarding the removal of the criminal prosecution of the 3 defendants who participated in the crime, including the deputy Constantin TuTu and to present arguments and information of the hearings.

Moreover, the request shall explain why the judges hid from the participants the trial date, place and time of the examination of this issue in the court, why there weren’t sent any copies to the trial parties about the removal of the prosecution of those three defendants.

Tutu commented on the ECHR request: "I think it's their right".

The verdict can be appealed within 15 days.

We remind you that in April 2012, in the Orhei was a shootout. As a result one person was murdered and another was hospitalized in serious condition after being beaten. The killed was Alexei Veretco, a suspected former criminal leader. There was opened a criminal case for premeditated murder and the deputy Constantin Tutu was suspected of "hooliganism" in this case.

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