Another former head of the prison is discussed in the media. While the prisoners are surviving in bad conditions, their supervisors build the luxury houses. The published a new investigation about the former deputy director of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) Petru Birca.

The market price of 400 000 euro became 1.4 million lei on paper

Petru Birca was the deputy director of the DPI from November 2011 to October 2015. In four years he became the proprietor of a house, two apartments, a garage and two cars. The most valuable is the house worth about 400 000 euro. According to the author of the investigation, the building was bought from the Valeriu Rotari’s (also known as Zelionii) widow, who was the leader of the criminal group. Birca is accused of favoring the "Makena" criminal group while he was serving at the DPI. The former official says that all the assets were obtained with the help of his mother, who works in Italy for 20 years.

The house (360 sqm, swimming pool and outbuildings) is located in Chisinau, at the Onesti street. It was bought in August 2015 from Larisa Nefiodchin, Valeriu Rotari's widow (he was shot in 2000). The property’s owner is Petru Birca’s mother Tamara Birca.

The woman claims she sold the house for 1.4 million lei, but not received the full amount of money because the family Birca have to repay the loan and the house is the deposit. They promised to the widow to pay 600 000 lei from the credit, but they didn’t do it. Nefiodchin would like to cancel the deal, but has no money to return the Birca’s prepayment.

According to the 2012 wealth declaration, Birca bought 2 apartments worth 875 000 lei and 123 000 lei. In the same year, he has bought a garage worth 48 000 lei and the Hyundai Tucson car worth 80 000 lei. His second car is the Dacia Logan (bought in 2013) worth 60 000 lei. One of the cars was a gift from his mother-in-law. The total value of his wealth is about 1 186 000 lei. According to the 2012 wealth declaration the his income was about 136 800 lei (the salaries of Petru Birca and his wife), 650 000 lei (credit) and 50 thousand euro (donations from the abroad).

The "Makena’s" criminal case

According to the, since March 2013, Petru Birca is investigated because of abuse of power and favoring the Vladimir “Makena” Moscalciuc’s criminal group. Birca is accused of letting to transfer some prohibited items to Makena in prison and threatened witnesses not to testify against him. The former head of the DPI was persecuting his colleagues, who did not comply with his instructions to protect Makena. The former deputy head of the Chisinau’s Prison №13 Albert Puiu testified: "He had to discredit some of our colleagues, and for this planned to use the media. He also sent me some personal data from the Cadastre, which was supposed to use against the officers. I haven’t accepted such conditions and resigned".

Petru Birca claims that the case is fabricated. Also, the former head says he was illegally dismissed in October 2015, while he was on sick leave.

The writes that Birca is the Veaceslav Ceban’s cousin, who was the DPI head from July 2011 to May 2013. Ceban has held several senior positions in the MIA (he was the deputy Minister) and almost always favored to Birca. Like his cousin, Ceban is mentioned in the public acquisitions criminal case.

The investigation was done by the as the part of the "Shining a Light on Corruption in Moldova" project.
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