A former member of the "Makena" criminal group was shot in the head. The police have arrested five suspects.

According to the canal3.md, yesterday, on May 16, the officers of the Directorate for Combating Serious Crimes of the National Inspectorate of Investigations with the officers from Cantemir District, the prosecutors with the support of the Special Brigade “Fulger” made searches at the suspects’ homes and arrested them.

According to the prosecutors, in April this year, the police have found a cadaver in a field in Cantemir District. The male was shot in the head and put in the trunk of a car. He was probably killed from a Kalashnikov automatic gun.

The victim was a member of the "Makena" criminal group. According to the operative information, in the past he controlled the southern region of the country.

According to the canal3.md, between the victim and the criminals of the new generation was a conflict: they wanted to control the region. On the day of the murder they had a feud. The suspects had followed the victim and shot him in the field.

According to the deputy director of the Directorate for Combating Serious Crimes Igor Zglavuta, the suspects allegedly tried to cover the tracks.

mak_72499100.jpgThe suspects were detained for 72 hours. Some of them already had criminal records and one of them was in the same jail with the victim.

The investigators and prosecutors will have to carry out some expertise to know if the victim was killed with the gun confiscated during the searches.

The suspects will spend the rest of their life in jail if they are found guilty.

Vladimir Moscalciuc, the leader of the criminal group "Makena" was arrested in 2010 and jailed, but other group members are still free.

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