The police discovered the illegal activity of a criminal group specialized on selling drugs. The group consisted of three people, aged between 43 and 57 years from the Cornesti village in the Ungheni district.

The police officers had found out that the suspects usually sold the biggest part of marijuana in Chisinau and in the northern districts of the country. The drug dealers were arrested when they tried to sell another part of drugs.

During the searches at the suspects’ homes, the police found and confiscated 20 thousand lei of income from selling of approximately 3kg of the marijuana. There were also confiscated scales, mobile phones, SIM cards, which will be used as evidence.

During the interrogations, the suspects admitted their guilt, said that they usually sold 50-100gr of the marijuana at about 500-700 lei.

The "businessmen" were arrested for 30 days. They can be imprisoned from 7 to 15 years.

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