The case of the Russian banker, Gherman Gorbuntov’s assassination, has raised a number of questions for many years, and the alleged supporters have shared assumptions, charges, files, and various speculations. If Gorbuntov believes that the criminal group "Solntsevo", represented by Renato Usatii, wanted to end him, then Usatii blamed Vlad Plahotniuc. Finally, Moldovan media were divided into two camps, and both caps have their own version of the case. The latest "media bomb" is the interview given by the killer Vitalie Proca, the one who held his finger on the trigger and confessed in "exclusivity" who is behind the assassination.

A week ago, announced that the Proca killer will reveal the truth in an exclusive interview for the anti-Plahotniuc media channel. The novelty of novelties has been promoted in Renato Usatii's already well-known style, which has provided more "bomb" information this year.

Proca: "Plahotniuc is a serial killer"

The interlope confessed that the leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, would have ordered the assassination of the Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov.

"Plahotniuc ordered it. I do not know how the rest of the world sees him, but I consider him a serial killer and I know why I'm talking like that. He caught me at a time when I had problems with money. I was not able to return a sum of money that I borrowed, and it was my intention to do so. [...] Yes, indeed, I was the man who kept the finger on the trigger. Yes, I am that man, but the desire and command came entirely from elsewhere. Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc ordered it," said Vitalie Proca.

Proca argues that it is Plahotniuc who wanted Gorbuntov's death and not the mayor of Balti Renato Usatii. The interlope asserts that the DP leader has tried to make him blame Usatai, and he would have promised a huge sum of money and extradition to the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, as stated, Proca would have been contacted by Gherman Gorbuntov, who proposed to pay him a million pounds, only to find out who was the person who ordered his death.

It is worth mentioning that Proca brought several accusations against the Democrat. The killer claims that Plahotniuc would be a cocaine consumer and trafficked women to Germany.

Prosecutors blame Usatai

Recently, at a press conference, the Prosecutor's Office announced that Usatîi, the criminal authority Ion Druţă, alias Vanea Pisateli, and criminals Oleg Timoshenko and Ghenadie Vechiu are the main suspects behind the attempted assassination of Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov.

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The Prosecutor's Office also informed that Proca, would agree to declare in an interview or official statements, that the murder was ordered by Vlad Plahotniuc, for 600,000 euros.

At the same time, the law enforcement authorities initiated a criminal prosecution in three other criminal cases regarding the manufacture, use and possession of false documents, procurement and keeping of arms and smuggling ammunition. It should be noted that these statements were made shortly after announced about the interview with Proca.

Already today, November 3, following the publication of the interview, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes Vitalie Busuioc specified for CrimeMoldova that prosecutors had declared in 2016 that Vitalie Proca would have agreed for the total amount of 600,000 euros, offered by Renato Usatii, to make false statements.

"The people who were responsible for negotiating and who had previously sent 200,000 euros to Proca's family mentioned that the money was offered for Proca to name Vlad Plahotniuc as the one who ordered the murder of Gherman Gorbuntov. At the same time, in the recent press conference, we came up with new evidence demonstrating that the statements were made at Usatii's command. These evidence was also transmitted to UK law enforcement officials, who can already come and hear the witnesses. Likewise, we are sorry that for more than a year, Vitalie Proca refuses to make statements for us, but for a certain media sources he agrees to offer them," Busuioc said.

Gorbuntov: "Proca and Usatîi lie"

In repeating lines, both for CrimeMoldova and for other media sources, German Gorbuntov said that Renato Usatîi is the one who wants his death, and Plahotniuc would have no reason to order his assassination.

The same was reiterated by Gorbuntov after the interview with Proca. The blogger Veaceslav Balacci has published a video in which the Russian banker claims that Proca is executing a new command from Usatai, and that the two are liars.

"Proca is the executor. He does not have a gun now, and for this reason he can only make some statements for money. He is very interested, especially since all this is conveniently arranged for Renato," Gorbunteov claims.

Similarly, Gorbuntov believes that Renato would always invent something, which would prove that Usatii is not "professional" and would try to fool the world.

Gorbuntov also claims that Plahotniuc would have no reason to order his assassination, but Renato Usatîi would have enough reasons on the other hand.

"I think it's still a paid story, probably Proca loves his family very much and probably got money, not in vain he made those statements. As far as I know, the killers always work after they get the first installment. This is Renato's style," Gorbuntov added.


The Democrats and Plahotniuc are not making any comments

The Moldovan Democratic Party (DPM) spokesman Vitalie Gumurari told CrimeMoldova that the party's president will not comment on the killer Proca’s statements. "There have been previously such statements and bribery cases to say such things. We know that this person is convicted in Romania and we believe that what he says is deliberately. It has already been decided to set up a group of lawyers to investigate whether the statements made have criminal components. The investigations will take place both in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova," Gamurari said.

Usatii plays the victim

The mayor of Balti and leader of Our Party, a "refugee" in the villa in Moscow, claims that he was accused based on Gorbuntov's interview for blogger Balacci, and the law enforcement would execute Plahotniuc's command.

Usatîi confesses to that he collaborated with the police over the Prut, but also with the British forces, to whom he gave more information about Proca, and he learned about his accusation in the attempted murder from television.

Also, Usatîi reiterates that the case initiated on his name was commissioned by Plahotniuc, and the investigation would be "pocket-sized".


Recall that Usatîi is accused of having expropriated Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov in 2011 of his majority stake in Universalbank in Chisinau and subsequently, ordered his assassination. Usatîi is accused of scarcity in particularly large proportions, namely that he has deprived Gorbuntov of 68,401 shares in a total amount of over 113.5 million lei, through an offshore company.

Currently, the mayor of Balti is in the Russian Federation and rejects all the allegations brought against him, arguing that the case was made on order.  

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