About 60 kg of hydrargyrum were detected after a search by General Prosecutor's Office and the Agency for Information and Security in Moldova. 

The officers from the administration of Chishinau in collaboration with the prosecutors from the department of investigation of the organized crime cases  of the General Prosecutor's Office conducted several searches of persons and legal entities.

As a result, 10 metal containers with hydrargyrum of 5-6 kg each container were detected in a household of a resident of Buiucani district in Chishinau. The dangerous substance origins from the town Gorlovka, Donetsk region, Ukraine and was hidden in the auxiliary household.

The criminal case over the illegal activities against a group that run the contraband was commenced on 27 October 2015 by the General Prosecutor's Office under article 224 p.(1), art.248 p.(5b) of the Criminal Code of Moldova.  The guilty set by the investigation will be attracted to criminal liability for the offence of manufacture, import, export, transportation or utilization of radioactive substances, materials and waste, storage of big amounts of bacteriological and toxic substances, capable to damage the population and the environment.

Also, the prosecutors found out fake papers, confirming the studies for getting driver’s licences. 

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