The officers and the prosecutors for combating corruption organized searches of the head office of the National Council for Disability and Work Capacity Determination (NCDWCD) and initiated a criminal case over corruption. The persons involved are suspected of passive corruption and extortion by demanding money from citizens to accord or reconfirm of the degrees of disability.  

During 2015 the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and Family has received a number of petitions containing the disagreement of citizens with the process of the  establishment of disability degrees by NCDWCD.

The citizens argued that the heads of Councils facilitated the establishment of disability degrees for people that payed them. The amount of payment was between 1,000 and 15,000 lei. On receiving money the officials included fake data in the reports of the disability degree certificates. According to the preliminary information, the funds collected by the heads of regional councils were sent to public figures from the central office of NCDWCD.

The National Anticorruption Center and the prosecutors conducted searches in the main director's and regional councils in Chishinau, Balti and Ceadir-Lunga on 10 February to strengthen the evidence of the case.

The criminal prosecution was initiated over a reasonable suspicion of the offence by art. 324 p.2(b, c) of the Criminal Code about passive corruption.

According to the site anticorupţ, the current director of NCDWCD Ludmila Sochirca has being been a head of the council for more than eight years. In her latest report of the income and property in 2013 she declares the salary of about 125,000 lei and the pension of 26,000 lei. Also she wrote down a half of a 79.3 square meter apartment valued at approximately 452,000 lei and achieved in 2008. According to the report she doesnt't possess land, cars or shares in any company.

In September 2015 the NAC initiated a check for the corruption risks in NCDWCD. The results of the check weren't published.

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