7 people from Chishinau are suspected in a creation of a drug and mood-altering trade network.

The officers of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking and the Centre for Combating Informational Acts of Crime in the General Inspectorate op Police traced the suspects of 25 to 35 years for three months. They set that the criminals pasted buildings with announcements and indicated contact numbers.

The client paid for drugs within bank cards and the dealers left the goods in particular places.

Then the money was transferred to one of the dealers. The criminals sold drugs for up to one million lei during six months.

The drugs were sold in the form of pills “Subutex” which were bought in France and transported to Moldova.

Due the checks the officers detected narcotic and mood-altering substances, $ 5000, cell phones, 50 SIM-cards, syringes, notes with numbers of the bank accounts and addresses where the drugs should be transported, as well as devises for drug consumption.

The organizer and 2 members of the group were detained for 30 days, another criminals are still free.

The investigators commenced a criminal case, so the criminals risk imprisonment from 7 to 15 years.

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