The heroin was brought from Europe and sold in Chisinau. The police arrested a criminal group, which specialized on the drugs dealing of large proportions. They were caught in act.

The criminal group was monitored by the police for an year. There were arrested 5 members of the group, four men and one woman, aged between 24 and 44 years.

Detentions of the suspects were done on several addresses in the capital. One of the suspects made a barricade at his home and refused to open the door. The Special Brigade "Fulger" was ordered to ensure the integrity of the confiscated heroin.

During the searches in the suspects’ homes and a car, the police have found marked money, mobile phones, electronic scales, disposable syringes and a great amount of heroin. All the samples were sealed and shipped to the laboratory for special expertise.

The suspects were placed for 72 hours in the Police Department of Chisinau. They are accused of illegal drug dealing in large proportions. The members of the group can be condemned to 7 to 15 years imprisonment.

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