As a result of investigative actions conducted over a period of eight months, employees of Directorate of Combating Organised Crime of the National Investigation Inspectorate, the Border Police Department and the General Prosecutor, documented and dismantled several criminal groups specialized in smuggling of alcohol.

The groups were active in the sector of responsibility of the Eastern Regional Directorate of DPF.

 Thus, the law enforcement removed from the circuit, 22 tons of ethyl alcohol of undocumented provenance worth about MDL 3 million, it is shown in the IGP issued press release..

 Recently, as a result of joint actions, three people, members of a criminal group, with ages between 19 and 40 years, residing in Stefan - Voda and Causeni, suspected of smuggling alcohol were detained.

 These, are suspected, that a year ago, they would carry about three tons of contraband alcohol in the amount of MDL 300 thousand in Ukraine. Then, the suspects were observed in close proximity to the border by common mobile patrol, consisting of representatives of border authorities of Moldova and Ukraine, but abandoned the transport.

 The suspects are being investigated under Art. 248 of 5 "Contraband" Criminal Code of RM. If found guilty, they risk imprisonment for 3-10 years.

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