General Prosecutor’s Office dismisses the revelations emerged lately in the public space, as incorrect or speculative, aimed to discredit the investigation regarding the identification and punishment of persons involved in robbing the banks of Moldova.

In this regard, the prosecutor's office published a press release in which it made some remarks. According to the release, there were created prosecution groups composed of prosecutors, criminal investigators and NAC investigation officers within the investigation of criminal cases on bank frauds. In addition, according to the institution, there has been initiated a range of interstate collaborations on legal assistance in criminal matters with such countries as Latvia (Department of Prevention and Combating Money Laundering), USA (FBI and the Justice Department), Ukraine etc. Thanks to this collaboration there would have been obtained relevant information that enabled a significant progress on bank frauds’ investigation. Also, according to the prosecutor’s office, a criminal case was sent to court and the prosecution on other cases has been completed.

The press release of the institution also mentions that the advancement of the investigation is also due to the collaboration of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office with the representatives of the company KROLL, with which they exchanged relevant information on the case, as well as due to the joint meetings that resulted in the selection of correct and efficient investigation methods.

Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office announced that it will continue and deepen the international cooperation activities that have been started. At the same time, the institution called those who have relevant information on the case to come to prosecutors and answer their questions fully so that the data submitted would contribute to the smooth conduct of the investigation.

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