In December 2013 Rise Moldova published a «strictly confidential» letter that demonstrates that the prosecutors are subject to Vlad Plahotniuk. The letter was edited by former General Prosecutor Ion Diacov, accused of bribery by a criminal group «Yujnaya».


Source: (Ion Diacov)

The letter states that Diacov is a representative of the Democratic Party of Moldova and also presents the behind-the-scenes games at the prosecutor's office with former prosecutors Zubko and Gurin and other authorities. Diacov said he tried to meet Plahotniuk and dismiss suspicions, but failed.

In November 2015 Diacov resigned. He said he did It because the system became too corrupt. In fact his resignation coincided with the expiry of the mandate term of the prosecutor, elected on December 3, 2010 for 5 years.

In a press conference Diacov mentioned a criminal group «Patron», led by «thief in law» Ion Gushan called Nick Patron. Gushan, according to Diacov, required the help of moldovan officials.


Source: (Niku Patron)

Oleg BormanDiacov made a reference to the secret operative report, published by Rise Moldova in November 2015. The document reveals the name of the leader of a traffic drugs scheme. It turned out to be Oleg Prutnyanu called «Oleg Borman».

The report states that the group «Borman» bribed an official in the Ministry of the Interior, giving him 250 thousand dollars for the law protection.

Later Borman sent a letter to Rise Moldova with the requirement of denial.

Despite the fact that Diacov is now a blogger on anticorupţ and writes about a variety of corruption schemes, his name is still associated with a scandal about the bribe in order to influence the inspector who conducted the case of Igor Guglya, a member of criminal group «Yujnaya».

Igor Guglya, one of the racketeers of the group, was sentenced to 11 years of prison for banditism and hostage taking. He recognized that gave Diacov $ 5,000: «We were brought from Moscow and the investigator Geru appealed the decision of the court of the district Rascani in the Chisinau Tribunal. In order to avoid arrest, I asked for the help of Sapejnikov through Popescu. During the meeting I asked Diacov to find a way to withdraw the case. At that moment Sapezhnikov put in an envelope $ 5,000 and gave it to Diacov. The prosecutor immediately called Geru and asked to pick up the application. That answered he didn’t know how to do that, because the day of examination was already appointed. Diacov repeated louder to solve the problem. And, as I learned, it was solved. The lawsuit was withdrawn. Diacov rose up to leave the room and said that thanks to the people he called I can continue to operate, thus, to be a bandit.

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