Igor Sandler, the director of the Chisinau boarding school no. 3, accused of child trafficking, risks to spend the rest of his life behind bars. The prosecutors have sent the criminal case to the court for the accusation of the director. At the same time, his accomplice, a businessman from the capital, is also involved in the same case.

The law enforcement officials have determined that Sandler has sent a businessman a child from the educational institution for sexual exploitation. According to the information provided by prosecutors, the child, who comes from a socially vulnerable family, lived in an apartment in Chisinau between May and September of 2017, and was subjected to sexual acts.

In September 2017, the child was rescued and placed in the custody of the competent public authorities, with the necessary social and psychological assistance.

CrimeMoldova has discovered that Igor Sandler leads a luxury life, owning several cars and houses. It was also found that Sandler was physically assaulting minor children from the boarding school he administered and even sexually abused them. More details about his activities and wealth can be found in the investigation "Sandler’s property, income and wealth".

Similarly, the competent bodies are investigating the actions of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment committed against pupils within the same educational institution.

If Sandler and the businessman’s guilt is proven, they risk 15 to 20 years of jail, or even life imprisonment.

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