The paintings stolen in November, 2015, from the Castelvecchio museum in Verona, Italy, were found in the Odessa District in Ucraine.

The sensational robbery was committed by a criminal group of 13 people. 10 of them are Moldovan citizens. Recently, at the attempt to cross the Romanian-Moldovan border there was arrested Anatol Burlacu – the last of the Moldovan suspects.

The paintings stolen from the museum are estimated about 20 million euro, but their real value it is impossible to measure: among them are paintings by Rubens and Tintoretto, Bellini, Pisanello, Hans de Jode and Mantegna.

кража картин 5.jpgPaintings of Tintoretto and Rubens

During the search operations, the Ukrainian State Border Service officers with the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern District of the Odessa District found on a Turunchuk’s river island a cache with paintings. It was near the Transnistrian part of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.

The search operation was organized together by the Ukraine and Moldova. During the investigation it was found that the pictures were brought to Odessa District via international mail services. There were identified persons, who had participated in the transportation of the paintings and planned to sell them in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.

A special examination confirmed the authenticity of the paintings, among which were 5 paintings by Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto (the "Madonna, nursing the baby", the "Transfer of the Ark of the Covenant," the "Belshazzar's Feast", the "Samson" and the "Court of Solomon");  the female portrait by Peter Paul Rubens («Dama delle licnidi»); the famous Pisanello’s “Madonna with partridge" («Madonna della quaglia»); the "Holy Family with saints" by Andrea Mantegna; the " Saint Jerome Penitent " by Jacopo Bellini; 2 paintings by Giovanni Francesco Caroto (the "Portrait of a young man with children's drawings" and "Portrait of a young Benedictine"), 2 landscapes by Hans de Jode, the "Portrait of Girolamo Pompei" by Giovanni Belini, as well as the painting of the Jacopo Tintoretto’s retinue and the painting of the Domenico Tintoretto’s workshop.

кража картин1 .jpg

кража картин 2.jpg

кража картин 4.jpg"Madonna with the partridge" of Pisanello

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