On April, 29 the Supreme Court of Justice made the final verdict: the criminal Ion Druta known as "Vanea Pisateli" will be jailed for 20 years for the triple murder in Ialoveni. The Supreme Court dismissed the Pisateli’s lawyer appeal against the Court of Appeals decision. The Supreme Court of Justice verdict is irrevocable.

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vanea pisateli2.pngIn October 2015, the Court of Appeals found Ion Druta guilty for killing of three men. The prosecutors proved that the defendant has organized and directed the triple murder committed in 2000 by his subordinates. The victims had "business conflict" with the criminal. They were shot and then burned and buried, because they refused to share money with Druta earned after selling a stolen car. Their bodies were found only in 2008, in forest near the road Chisinau-Hincesti.

In 2011, the Ialoveni District Court acquitted Druta because there were no evidences of crime. The prosecutors appealed that verdict and the case was sent to the Court of Appeals, where the judges have found Druta guilty and sentenced him.

In the Court’s decision published by the portal rise.md was claimed: "The fact there was a conflict between Buruiana and Druta was confirmed by Druta himself and by his subordinate Dumitru Catruc. However, the gesture with his hand from top to bottom and the statement "execute them" were confirmed directly by the defendant (Ion Druta), it was the direct order to Robert Girleanu to kill Ilie Buruiana, Mihail Guzun and Adrei Plamadeala".

The information about the triple murder by the Pisateli’s order appeared for the first time in the media in the RISE investigation in 2011. The RISE reported that the judicial process has been threatened and from the case disappeared some evidences in criminal’s favor.

Some details about Pisateli’s criminal activities

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Ion Druta is one of the oldest and most powerful criminal leaders in Moldova. He belongs to the criminal group led by the thief in law Ion Gusan known as "Nicu Patron". The criminal group specializes in human trafficking, cigarette smuggling, protection fees and killings. Pisateli was arrested in July 2013. Then, the head of the Moldovan police Ion Bodrug said "Ion Druta is the criminal leader. His arrest is the police’s success".  The Minister of Internal Affairs Dorin Recean declared then that "the officers who arrested him will be awarded but their names will not be made public".

The criminal leader was arrested after the Court of Appeals decision to jail him for 20 years for the triple murder. He was in prison only for 7 months after the Supreme Court of Justice cancelled that decision in April 2014.

The Pisateli was wanted by the Interpol since July 2013 at the request of the Romanian authorities. He was accused there of organization of an assassination during the criminal war.

Ion Druta has been sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment in 2015 for illegal selling of guns to the RISE reporters while he was on trial for the triple murder in Ialoveni.

Ion Druta’s brothers are jailed in Romania for allegedly organized the murder of a businessman at his house in Bacau.

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