The father of the teenager from Verejeni, Telenesti district, who in November 2017 fired a hunting gun in a 7-year-old boy, will be brought before court. The man is accused of negligent keeping of firearms and ammunition, and is facing up to 3 years in prison.

The Prosecutor's Office of Teleneşti District finalized the criminal investigation and sent the case to the prosecution. The man is being investigated in preventive arrest.

At the same time, the accusers continue the criminal prosecution of the 14-year-old boy in another case. The adolescent is accused of deliberate killing and is currently investigated in a state of freedom.

On November 18, 2017, the 14-year-old man's son would have  fired from a firearm in a 7-year-old minor in Verejeni village, who died shortly after serious injuries. The boy's body was found the next day in a fountain near his house.

The prosecutors have found that the hunting shotgun that the was used by the minor belonged to the  teenager's father. The man left the unarmed weapon loaded with a cartridge in the room where the two minors were playing. Finding the gun, his son shot the 7-year-old, which caused the death of the latter.

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