A criminal group consisting of 15 persons was detained by the police. The are officials, lawyers and estate agents suspected on the fraudulently subtraction of the houses from vulnerable group people.

The tricksters found the victims among their relatives and friends, that suffered from alcoholism, drug habit or old persons that asked for a handout to survive. The tricksters worm themselves into favor, bought them food, alcohol and add there psychotropic substances.

During the searches the police found at the suspects’ homes different notices and documents of the dealings with immobility, copies and originals of the personal documents of victims, receipts, the models of the signs of victims and 80 000 lei.

By the moment the police identified 10 victims, most of them living in Chishinau.

The criminals began their activity 5 years ago being imprisoned.

Four persons including the leader of the criminal group from 25 to 40 years were imprisoned for 20 to 30 days. For the fraud they risk an imprisonment from 8 to 15 years.

Now the police investigates the case to identify other members of the group.

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