The warrant of the arrest and all-points bulletin issued on the name of Bălți mayor and the head of Our Party, Renato Usatîi remains in force. The Court of Appeal rejected the lawyer’s request with regard to annulment for closing the file in the first instance.

The hearing was held behind closed doors, and the prosecutors justified their request for closing the meeting by being concerned about more people whose names could be made public.

The prosecutor on this case said "I presented some documents from the criminal case, which were not presented at the hearing in the first instance. The defender is aware of them. Mr. Usatîi is accused of creating a criminal group that resulted in the deprivation of a person's property and attempting to kill him".

The Bălți mayor's lawyer argues that the decision was taken in just five minutes.

Usatîi’s deputy from the party, Ilian Cașu says this is a political case, initiated on Plahotniuc ‘s order.

The vice-president of the Political Party Our Party, Ilian Cașu said “It's Plahotniuc’s political retaliation against Renato Usatîi,  and this folder is ridiculous as it relies entirely on an interview via Skype”.

An arrest warrant for 30 days, was issued on October 24th, by the Chisinau Central Court on the name of the president of PPOP, Renato Usatîi. Also, the instance has put out an APB and alerted borders checkpoints on his name.

According to the instance, from the moment of his arrest, he will be kept in custody at the Penitentiary nr.13. Currently, Renato Usatîi is in Moscow.

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