The woman that was found dead near a garbage bin in Buiucani district, was murdered by her former husband. The man was detained on the evening of Wednesday, March 14th, and fully acknowledges his guilt.

According to the police, the two were divorced and had a child.


The man confessed that on March 9th, the woman, who worked as a florist, called him and insisted on seeing him. The suspect refused, but the victim bought alcoholic beverages and came to visit him.

The former spouses sat together at table and served drinks. Meanwhile, a neighbor joined them. In the presence of the man, the victim started talking about him and criticizing him. Subsequently, the woman went to another room. The suspect, being annoyed, went after her and strangled her with a towel until she died.

According to the law enforcers, the body had been in the apartment for two days and the man did not know what to do with it. At a certain point, he decided to go to the market and buy several black bags and a bigger one, hiding the woman's body in it. Subsequently, the suspect took the bag to the garbage bin at 2 o'clock in the morning.

The police initiated a criminal case for murder. The suspect has recognized his guilt and is collaborating with the investigation.

We remind you that on Tuesday morning, March 13th, a woman's body was found in an abandoned bag next to the garbage bins on Sucevita Street in Buiucani district of the capital. The discovery was made by a person who was cleaning the territory around the garbage bins.

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